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I have heard and said more inanities, since you took me in tow, than in all the rest of my life.

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Monday, January 08, 2007


January: It Begins

The Lion's Den at 7 am, drinking Bailey's from champagne glasses and waking to see Him gazing at my face. Why was I there?

February: My Heartbreak

The first time that I had ever been denied. The first time I had ever been hurt. And She was at the heart of one, and I was at the heart of the other.

March: My Undoing

"This is really real, isn't it?" And I, or Molly (and I thought well as well him as another ) said Yes.

April: My Revenge

A tale of She and he and He and I, and what is gone and lost. Who gets what they deserve? Who deserves what they get?

May: His Panic

An accusation, fear, but not enough to incite a change. I succumb, and find that It... It is gone.

June: Hope Less. Fear More

To keep driving on the same road, never changing your path. To live in limbo. That is the life of a retired Lion Tamer.

July: The Return

To hell. Of sorts. As always, what starts with promise ends with tears. Again I try - but there is nothing. It's empty now - it wasn't always. But since that day... all is lost.

August: The Release

The weight is thrown off our shoulders. For me and for that one and for the other one. Panic and fear, but we know there is more beyond this bleak horizon. And we will find what we seek.

September: A New Beginning

Tentatively we all headed into the new unknown. Would we survive? How would we cope? We the injured, can we leave our past behind and look forward again?

October: Just Another Birthday

I kept trying to forget. I failed. Denial and lonliness lead to desperate actions.

November: The Tension Builds

Too much the same, too diferent. Too much for me. And too little.

December: A Circle Leads Nowhere

Here we are and that's where we were. With few exceptions. What changed?