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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

You probably had to be there...

Some snippets of conversation I witnessed this week:

*Jimmy: Hey Donnie - what are you doing tonight? Going out?

Donnie: Yeah. Oh. Hey. Do you have a leather vest I can borrow?

Jimmy: Yeah - I - oh wait... I don't know if I have a vest - but I have some pants with the suspenders and straps that go around the neck... I mean, I have a LOT of leather stuff, but actually I don't think I have a vest. I do have a black vest - it's not leather - but you could wear that.

Donnie: What about the suspenders?

Jimmy: Oh sure - I'll run and get it for you after dinner. I'll have to dig that stuff waaay out of the closet though! Ever since I've become a kept man my leather bar days have been few and far between!

*names have been changed to protect the innocent


MS: Apparently he's become rather fond of her.

YHA: What exactly does he see in her?

MS: Well, I guess she's kind of decent looking. For a hooker.

YHA: (rolls eyes)

MS: But she's got a few teeth missing, so she looks kind of funny.


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