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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ass Danger Revisited

Everybody remember this pic from a couple of years ago?

That's my guest bathroom toilet with an "added bonus". Here's a closeup:

I found another one swimming around in the same toilet yesterday. (This was right after I found one nestled between two spoons in the kitchen sink...)

So, I bet you're wondering... "How on earth are you getting scorpions in your toilet, Sheila?"

I was wondering the same thing. I asked DxB about it and he goes, "They fall out of the vent."


He said, "Yeah, they fall out of the vent above and plop right into the commode. I meant to tell you about that."

Okay, first of all THEY ARE FALLING FROM THE CEILING? and secondly, you meant to tell me about it?? Thanks for getting right on top of that.

Now I'm totally terrified of the bathroom. (Not to mention the attic - that place must be chock-full of the little bastards!) I don't know what to do - if you're sitting on the throne and one falls out of that vent there's no place for it to go except right on your head! I mean, I could use the other toilet, but the wax seal on it is messed up and I haven't fixed it yet. But - there's a damn vent above that toilet too.

It totally sucks - I always have to get up to pee like 5.5 million times a night, and I used to never turn on the light, but NOW... I turn on the light and stare at it (the vent is a light/fan/heater combo) for a minute to make sure no creepy crawlies are jumping out. The other night I saw my umbrella sitting next to the door and I thought about opening it up and using it as a scorpion-deflection device...

Oh well...

At least I'm not finding squirrels in the shitter.




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