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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Deny Me and Be Doomed

I'm not much for keeping secrets. (Keep that in mind next time you tell me something!) Actually, I'm referring to keeping secrets about myself. It's pretty much all right out there. You've heard all the details, from sordid to downright boring, of just about everything that's happened in the last few years. Of course, there's some stuff that's just too complicated to go into, so no one has a complete picture. I'm the only one who has that. I guess.

You hear me. You want to help. You give me your words, your thoughts. These things mean much more to me than you may realize. I have all these thoughts now inside my head. Thoughts about threads, and winds, and arrows. Favorite shirts, mountains, fires, fear and change.


That is the overwhelming response no matter what the question is.


I've been thinking about Karma a lot. Maybe not Karma by its proper definition, but what I think Karma is. I'm pretty logical and reasonable, but I really believe that some things happen in an almost supernaturalistic way. It's almost as if there is a greater force somewhere who says, "Okay, you little shit, you're getting too cocky. Time to put you in your place." I think you should always try to live and act in such a way that your actions won't come back and bite you in the ass. Of course, it's not always possible to do this, and many, many, many times your butt will be chomped on. I think you should just try to be aware of this, and try to modify your thoughts and acts to limit your future suffering. (Kind of a variation of "you reap what you sow.")


Damn! I'm tired of being serious.

Trani is putting on a show, singing a Rolling Stones tune. . . "you can put me out... on the street. put me out... with no shoes on my feet" I got out my lighter and was like "woooooooooo!!!!" (Yeah, we do this all the time. What of it?)




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