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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Two Mountains

Once upon a time there was a great land. There were two mountains on this land which were separated by the Valley of the Mists. On one mountain lived Lion, and on the other lived Wolf. One day Goat was wandering in the Valley of the Mists and she came upon Lion's mountain. She liked Lion and she liked this place and she decided to stay for a little while. The little while became a very long time, and Goat grew to know every inch of Lion's mountain. She knew where the fresh waters were, she knew where to find food, she knew where there were dangers and where there was safety and comfort. Many, many, many things she knew about this mountain. Lion cared for Goat and Goat cared for Lion, but after a long, long, long time Lion and Goat began to grow weary of each other's company. The mountain itself seemed to lose it's charm, and both Lion and Goat grew bored.

Then one day Rabbit came to Lion's mountain and quickly befriended Lion. Lion and Rabbit were inseparable and Goat felt lonely. Goat wandered around the mountain she'd grown to know so well, and for the first time, she looked beyond the Valley of the Mists and saw Wolf's mountain. Wolf's mountain was very different from Lion's. It was green, lush and beautiful. Goat was intrigued, but frightened of this unknown land.

Now, Goat had grown angry with Lion and with Rabbit, and this anger consumed her and gave her a reckless courage she had never had before. Suddenly one day Goat went down into the Valley of the Mists and up to Wolf's mountain. Goat was overwhelmed by this new place. There were clear running streams, magnificent waterfalls, fruit-laden trees and vines and beautiful creatures everywhere. Suddenly out of the mist of the waterfall, Wolf appeared. Wolf stood before Goat with his arms open, welcoming her to his home. Wolf was handsome and charming, and Goat was taken aback by the lavish praise and attention that Wolf gave her. Still, Goat was frightened, but Wolf eased her fears with his soothing words of love.

At first, life with Wolf was wondrous, much more so than life with Lion. But soon things began to change. Goat learned that the fruits of the trees and vines were poisonous. She learned that the clear streams were full of deadly snakes. She learned that the gorgeous waterfall was nothing but sharp stone crags that would tear any living being who came near it apart. She learned that the beautiful creatures were deadly. Goat thought about leaving Wolf's mountain, but each time she tried, Wolf would lure her back with his sweet talk and flattery. Goat was taken by this every time, and she stayed on in this beautiful but inhospitable land. After a time, Goat grew so hungry and thirsty that even Wolf's declarations of love were not enough. Goat knew she had to leave this place lest she die. Wolf pleaded with Goat to stay, trying his best to find clean water and good food for Goat, but every pot of water he brought to her turned to dust, and every bite of food turned to salt. Wolf cried, for he truly loved Goat, but he knew deep inside that she could not live on his love alone. Wolf was angered by his poisoned land, and he took his anger out on Goat, forcing her off the mountain and back into the Valley of the Mist.

Goat did the only thing she knew how to do, which was to return to Lion's mountain. She found the river, which was clean, and she drank deeply. She found the trees which bore delicous and edible fruit and she ate until she was content. Soon, she noticed that the mountain was strangely quiet. She found Lion sitting alone and asked him where Rabbit was. He told her that Rabbit had hopped away into the Valley of the Mist. Lion asked Goat where she had gone, and she told him of Wolf and his mountain. Goat comforted Lion and Lion comforted Goat like they had in the olden days. Goat looked around Lion's mountain and saw beauty where she had not seen it before. Goat looked at Lion and saw love that she had been overlooking for a long, long, long time. Goat knew this is where she belonged.


It was a very simple question: "Do you want me in your life?"

It was an even simpler answer: "No."




Anonymous trani said...

beautifully said.

9:40 PM  
Blogger your humble author said...

The end was fiction

1:28 PM  

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