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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Breaking Point

Sometimes you don't update because nothing is going on.

Sometimes you don't update because you're lazy.

Sometimes you don't update because everything that's happening is so fucking STUPID that everyone will just think you're making shit up, or that you're a total fucking dumbass for putting up with it.

Fuck Off Asshole Situation #1:

RW had one-on-one conversations with each of us last week. He was ridiculously bipolar. I left more confused than I have ever been in my life. One minute he'd be telling me how I was fucking up too much (literally told me that), the next he was praising me. Said I needed to "socialize with the office staff more" to move my work into the office and get out of the lab and off the bench so much. Hello? I'm a fucking LAB TECHNICIAN, not a fucking gossipy secretary - I can't really haul the real time instrument in the office and do a bunch of cloning in there, can I? WTF???? He also told me I needed to "manage the personnel issues" in the lab. I told him there was no way I was getting involved in that unless he paid me an extra 20K a year. He said I had no choice. (Examples of how I "manage personnel issues" are included in later sections.)

Fuck Off Asshole Situation #2

Cakes has been hired by RW - as he said to me - to replace Trani. What in the mother fucking cocksucker did he tell ME that for? So my "management technique" for dealing with this was honesty, despite him telling me not to tell anyone. So, I told Cakes and Trani (although RW himself told Trani that...)

Fucking Potential Powder Keg From Hell With Added Estrogen Situation Number 1

Cakes doesn't get along with MaryAchee. MaryAchee doesn't get along with Cakes. Cakes is now "in charge" of MaryAchee's graduate research project. Cakes proclaimed that she was going to make sure that Mary was out of the lab by the end of the summer. Meanwhile, she told Mary that she would do everything possible to help her get her results out the way RW wanted.

Needlessly Dramatic Situation #2

Spanish told HB she "just wanted to be friends" but then she turned around and deleted all the female names and numbers from his cell phone while he was sleeping. He was really pissed and totally confused. He kept asking me why she did that, and I told him it was a simple case of possessiveness and control. She didn't want to be his girlfriend, but she didn't want him to have any OTHER girlfriends either. Simple. Childish and shitty, but simple. He absolutely could not understand though. He kept saying that he wanted to call some of those girls and "hook up" with them this weekend, but since the numbers were gone, blah, blah, blah. He kept insisting that MS give him this one chick's number, but he wouldn't because the girl is nothing but bad news. HB got even more pissed and called MS all kinds of ugly names. Nice way to treat a friend who's trying to look out for you.

Your Humble Author As Personnel Manager Situation #1

I hear both sides of the Cakes/Mary Scene. I manage it by telling the other what the other said. Again, simple - right? I have a feeling this may start WWIII. Or maybe the two will realize what I'm doing and both will friggin' stop talking to me about it!




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