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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Where have all the weirdos gone?

Remember "TALES FROM THE GROCERY CART"?? I don't know what happened, but my trips to the store have been freak-free for MONTHS! I'm totally pissed about it, too. It sucks.

The only thing I've seen of late was a couple putting their groceries away in their beat-up old Chevy - total white trash. Anyway, he had one of those cheesy-assed thin mustaches and she was wearing some half-see-through white skirt and top with (of course) boots. Damn, for a minute there I thought it was Britney and K-Fed! So, Bubba opened the trunk and I guess DarlaLouAnn there had put some crap in the trunk. . . Bubba says,

"Woman! I done told you about leavin' this shit in here!"

Classic. Yet, not very Freak-Show. Sigh. . .




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