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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Estrogen Bombs

More deadly than fission and twice as unstable.

Here's a summary of what's going on at my workplace.

Cakes thinks she is in charge of MaryAchee's project and is acting like she's her supervisor despite the fact that RW told everyone today that HE was the only supervisor in the lab. NRA thinks that Cakes has every right to keep a Big-Brother-style eye on Mary because (in her words) Mary can't do anything right. This stems (probably) from Mary's slight ditziness which is enhanced by her failure to listen and her insistence on doing 550 things at one time. Trani is feeling a little resentful of golden child Cakes, but is doing an excellent job acting like an adult. Cakes is always trying to dig the dirt on Mary by asking NRA and your humble author for "the gossip". Meanwhile, Mary is always trying to find out what anybody/everybody is saying behind her back by asking Trani and Your Humble Author. Soduc is sticking her nose up everyone's ass, in a seeming attempt to egg on the cat fighting. NRA and Cakes bitched to RW about DxB not pulling his weight because he won't dissect fish. RW announced that he didn't have to because he was a CHEMIST, so Your Humble Author (of course) had to take one for the girls team and holler, "Then why do I have to dissect??" (An aside - I didn't even want to provoke the beast that time, but I felt I just had to - I mean seriously - It was like, "Hey RW, here's a big steaming pile of shit. Why don't you step right in it??) Soduc is not talking much to Trani or to YHA - not like that's any great loss!

Everyone is building their list of enemies and alliances and as best I can tell it goes like this:


Frontline Battle: Cakes vs. MaryAchee

Secondary Skirmish: NRA vs. MaryAchee

Terroristic Bombings: Soduc

Cold War: Trani vs. Cakes


Cakes, Soduc and NRA

MaryA and Trani

Trani and YHA

SWITZERLAND (or at least trying to be)


Good God!




Anonymous trani said...

Yea!! i'm an adult. maybe i'm quietly contemplating instead. well, thus the cold war.

6:14 PM  

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