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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I have a Lion who sometimes makes me happy. I have a Lion who mostly makes me sad. My Lion paces, and growls, and struts, and wants. My Lion desires greatness, to be treated in a way that befits his kingly presence. My Lion is Giacomo - a self-described chevalier, a gambler, a seducer. But true happiness eludes my Lion at every turn. My Lion darts from place to place and from soul to soul in desperation. My Lion sees the futility in this existence, but thinks that if only this, or this, or that would happen, things would be the way he wants.

But what is it my Lion wants? What is it my Lion's seeks? Nothing different than any of the rest of us. My Lion wants Life - but more importantly, my Lion wants two lives lived as one. My Lion falls in love. My Lion loves love. But my Lion fails at love, and love fails my Lion.

My Lion had two Swans, but they hatched their eggs and flew away. My Lion had a Cheetah, but his Cheetah ran too fast. My Lion had a Vixen, but his Vixen turned on him. My Lion had a Wise Owl, but she opened her eyes and returned to her nest.


I have a Fish who used to try and swim with the current, but now he swims upstream. My Fish may be happy or he may be sad, but that matters not, for my Fish is content. My Fish follows his bliss, sometimes finding it. My Fish knows to look where it is least expected.


I have a Goat who broods and paces on his rocks. My Goat has much, but thinks he has little. My Goat has a Hungry Ghost inside of him that causes him much distress. My Goat has Blindspots which prevent him from seeing things that are there, and Furies which make him see things that are not there.

My Goat lives alone, but not alone. My Goat has a Helper Monkey, but only needs it rarely. My Goat had a Worm, who lived as such for a very long time. One day my Goat found, in place of his Worm, a Cocoon from which emerged a Butterfly. My Goat's Butterfly took flight, but died on the wing.


I have a Snake who slithers here and there. My Snake is cunning, cruel, and kind. My Snake uses his skills to both build and destroy. My snake is ruthless, but my trust in him is unbounded.





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