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Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm free, and I'm waiting for you to follow me!

God, it's finally OVER!

Today was my last day at the nuthouse I called work. I can't believe I stayed in that nightmare for so freakin' long.

The boss didn't even show up today - not that I expected him to. Several people have left over the years and I can't really remember a single time he showed up on any one of their last days. Chicken-shit, that's what you call that.

I'm so glad to be done with the psychotic bullshit, the vindictiveness, and the small and petty behavior.

There's all sorts of jacked-up rumors going around about why we left - I've overheard everything from "she's getting a new job" (true) to "she and DxB are fighting and may break up" (wha?? - goddamn, get with the program - that shit went down and came back around MONTHS ago!) Who freakin' knows what they're really saying!

(Excuse me while I rant - gotta get all this bitching out...)

Now, I don't really give a good goddamn what they say about us after we're gone - I know it'll be bad though - not a single person has left this lab without being blacklisted and spoken ill of. In fact, just yesterday, the secretary commented that I may get to work with our former student, Bunny, at my new job. She said they'd gotten a letter requesting a recommendation for her from my new company. I thought that was great - she was a kick-ass researcher and I think she left because she got tired of Bipolo's insanity. Anyway, NRA (Or Spineless Brainwashed Cow #1) just HAD to say, "Oh, well, that's pretty bold of her to ask for a recommendation. I mean, under regular circumstances it'd be okay - but considering what she did to us, and how she left... well, I would NEVER recommend her."

What the living FUCK?

Let me tell you how Bunny left. There was a lab meeting (you know how this is gonna end already, don't you?) Bunny, Trani and I were trying to explain Bunny's latest results to Bipolo. But, of course, the belligerent asshat REFUSED to listen to us, and insisted that everything was wrong. It got a little heated, and I don't exactly remember what happened, but Trani and I had to leave the meeting to go get some more info, and when we came back, he was still in full-on rant mode. I argued our point - I always took it upon myself to defend whomever he was attacking - felt it was my duty. Anyway, I think we FINALLY yelled enough to sort-of-kind-of get him to see what had been done. But, right after that, Bunny took her last exam of the semester, came back and cleaned out her drawer, and was never heard from again. Even though we got things worked out, I think she'd just had damn near enough of the fucking abuse and bullshit. Who can blame her? Hell, she was the smart one for getting out when she did!

So, in NRA's mind, Bunny's departure was just an outright BETRAYAL of the entire operation. What. Ever.

(I see what Bipolo meant when he said he was going to staff the lab with people who were just like him...)

Then again today, the Bunny subject came up again, and Spineless Brainwashed Cow #2 made a similar remark. Oh I can't tell you how glad I am that I am gone.

But I am, and while this is probably not my last bitch session on this subject, at least I’m out of there.




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