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Sunday, August 20, 2006

like that one in bermuda... but worse

(Edited 1,000 years later when I got the whole story - Y.H.A.)
Love triangles are a bitch.

Last night we were chillin' before the TR show at Tiki with some of the NOLA group and Idle and T from Disaster. Then HairPerfect, another band-related rockabilly pal of ours, strolled in with the ever-hot Lambchop. Lambchop's workplace had just had a grand opening party and HairPerfect and his band had played there, so they (especially HairPerfect) were a little toasted by the time they made it to the Tiki. His band ditched him after the gig, so Lamb brought him to the Tiki so another friend, OiJa, who happened to be her very recent ex, and who was also playing bass in his band, could pick him up and take him home. (See how it's getting complicated here?)

HairPerfect was hitting on Lamb like crazy... which was pretty stupid because the whole time she was talking about her new BF (who was out of town) and texting him sappy sweet messages. But HairP just wasn't getting the hint. She was getting tired of it, so she called OiJa to come get HairP. Now, just the night before, Lamb and OiJa had a big old blowout in the Tiki. Like I said, those two just recently split up and OiJa is still madly in love with Lamb. OiJa took the breakup really hard and broke his sobriety, blaming Lamb for his downfall. That was what the previous night's fight was about. But because they have so many mutual friends, she is trying to stay pals with OiJa while still reinforcing the fact that they are broken up. (Difficult task... I know.)
OiJa finally shows up, and that's when things got interesting. He was a little trashed too, and he and Lamb ended up in another argument. (I think she was reiterating their status as "friends and nothing more"...) Then, I'm not exactly sure what happened, but DxB witnessed a "near-altercation" between HairPerfect and OiJa in the mensroom - not sure if OiJa was mad at HairP for hitting on Lamb, or if HairP was pissed at OiJa for continuing to pursue Lamb.

Anyway, we thought things cooled off a bit, but as the band was setting up, there was some kind of scuffle on the patio near the back door and I saw OiJa and HairP being held back by some of the guys from 3PO. Everything cooled off again, and TRstarted playing. About two songs into the set, I looked over and saw Houston and the 3PO guys looking over the back gate. I ran upstairs just in time to see OiJa run out into traffic on 8th, barely missing being creamed by a sedan. HairP was also in the street and all I saw were arms a-flailing. OiJa threw a wallop and knocked HairP to the ground. That's when the cops showed up.

OiJa managed to not get arrested (luck of the Irish!) and HairPerfect (whose hair, by the way, was perfect throughout the entire ordeal...) was escorted off.

I checked out Lambchop's Myspace this morning, and sure enough, there was a note from OiJa at 4 am that said, "When was the last time someone got knocked out for you?" Followed of course by the requisite pleading for forgiveness and begging to get back together. Lawd!

Always (dramatic),


(and i bet you thought this was going to be about someone else, didn't you?)


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