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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Unemployment Day 6 - Contemplative

Went to a friend's baby shower today. It was nice because I kind of lost touch with her after I left SWT for Austin. I used to work with both her and her sister, so it was good to see them again.


DxB has been in a real pisser of a mood. Something about none of his musical equipment working right. He's throwing fits left and right - and by "throwing", I mean, literally throwing stuff. I don't really know what to do, so I just sit here quietly.


It's been 10 days. I drove past the apartment today - I had to - it was on the way to the shower. Couldn't tell if anyone still lives there, but the boards he put up to keep the dog on the balcony are still there. Today was kind of hard, actually. I was kind of remembering the "good things" - although it seems like for every good memory there's a matching bad one. Still a little sad - certain songs make me feel droopy. But, I had a long talk with MrWrong - he's the only one who knows the whole, whole, whole story. He didn't give me any advice or anything, he just helped me organize my thoughts.


The other day when I was driving to Austin to take my random drug test I saw there was an accident on the southbound side of the highway. All I could see was that an 18-wheeler was pulled over on the side. Found out yesterday that someone had stepped out in front of it and gotten killed. Probably suicide, but they're not sure. That's the second time I've heard of that happening here in the last few years. What would make you choose that as your way out? I guess it's more of a sure bet than pills or trying to hang yourself, or even shooting yourself. But man, you'd have to think of what you'd put the driver of the big rig through.


I've been reading semi-random Myspace blogs, and I found one that a friend of a non-friend of mine writes. I know very little of him, but he's one of those guys who has no male Myspace friends, only chicks. And they all leave gushy, flirty, suggestive comments for him. I guess this one woman decided he was all that, and started sending him messages that got progressively more stalker-esque. So Friday, he wrote a blog complaining about her advances, but never made any mention of her identity whatsoever. He just talked about a woman he called an "online nutbag" and "ghetto trash". Then she, in a move of abject brilliance, left a nasty-gram comment - thereby informing the whole myspace world of the identity of the "online-nutbag-ghetto-trash". Funny.

Then on Saturday, he wrote a humorous entry - about peanut butter. (I hate to ID the man, but you have to know his name for this to work - it's Jesus.) Here's a sampling:

I really like peanut butter. Does anyone out there have a comfort food that just really makes you feel better after a long day? Mine is peanut butter between two slices of wheat bread and strawberry preserves with a glass of milk. Anything could be going on and I'd be ok. Hey Jesus, your house burnt down! Peanut butter. Hey Jesus, your paycheck came up short. Peanut butter. . .

Then comes the kicker:
Hey Jesus, that psycho stalker that sent you scary letters is now commenting on your blog angrily and is too stupid to know how to unsuscribe and expects you to do it .... lock all the doors, disconnect your phone, police report, xanax, 1/2 bottle of jack daniels, buy a gun and.... Peanut butter.

Kind of amusing.

This is what "psycho stalker" wrote back: (emphasis mine, spelling all hers!)

you are a asshole n useing gods name in vane gives you all the bad luck you can handle n your the nut , i dont contact you so dont be abusive to me with your wining n actusations , go die in your self pitty crazy

J-man writes back:

I'm not using God's name in vain. My first name is Jesus. Pronounced in Spanish as "heh soos".

Pretty goddamned funny, if you ask me. (Oops - used his name in vane...)

Ah Myspace... good times.





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