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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Unemployment Day 1

It's finally raining! Had some plans for today, but the weather is going to postpone them. Check back tomorrow. . .

Not much going on today - bought a domain name (, fielded 7.5 billion emails about the Non-Jack Pool, got an email from my new boss that had a total of six exclamation points in it. (Guess he's excited about getting a new group member.)

Yesterday was fun though - we went out to a BBQ some friends had. Okashii asked me if I did anything redneck for Labor Day, and I said no at first - but in thinking about it - this was a BBQ, and it was at a trailer (triple wide!), and there was an above-ground pool, and it was only accessible by dirt road, and there were six or seven dogs there, and there were people playing horseshoes, and the principle beer of choice was Lone Star (although yours truly had some Blue Moon and some Stella). . . So yeah, I guess I had a good redneck time. It's just that the other party-goers were not too awfully redneck-y in your typical central Texas sense. Just a bunch of tattooed musicians. . .

(Hmm - I took like 200 pictures and I didn't get ONE of our hostess. Guess it's because she was always scurrying in and out of the kitchen.)

The people that hosted the party are just great. They're a married couple who were living in NOLA, but came to Austin after the Katrina crap. It's kind of crazy, but they are sooo much like me and DxB it's kind of scary. We're calling them our tall, skinny, tattooed Doppelgangers. Their house was exactly as I had imagined it - just like ours! (Well, like ours was before we got all gosh-darned civilized and moved into town. . .) Seriously - it was weird! Trailer in the woods, a mess o' dogs and cats, a hastily-constructed welded wire fence... DEJA VU! Then the inside - nice stuff, lots of color, and fucking musical equipment EVERYWHERE!!

Doppel. Gangers.

So, as you can see, my first day of unemployment was pretty uneventful. But, I have a treat in store for you tomorrow if the weather allows!




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