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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Unemployment Day 8 - Death of a Politician and the Revival of Futility

Let's start out with a running list of...

What's Been Replaced On the Nissan 350Z

Tires (6)
Tire Pressure Monitors (4)
Drivers' Side Window Motor (1)
Passenger Side Window Motor (1)
Hatchback Latch (1)
Gas Tank Cover Latch (1)
Rear Strut (1)

and of course we can't forget...

Bose CD Stereo (9)


We went to the Texas State Cemetery today. Beautiful place, but good lord, was it humid! I barely took any pictures because I was afraid of drenching my camera with sweat... (nice thought, yes?) And because it was so oppressively nasty out, I had no ability to even try to do anything "artsy" with my photographs. So here's some tourist-quality snapshots!

9/11 Memorial

Stephen Fuller Austin - Father of Texas

Miriam "Ma" Ferguson - First woman governor of Texas

Statue on John B. and Nellie Connaly's graves

Statue from a state judge's grave.

It was very pretty, but kind of boring. All the stones were mostly new - many of the people had been reinterred here much after their original burials, and new memorials were commissioned. And it occurred to me that this was possibly the least religious cemetery I'd ever been to. Not sure exactly why - maybe it was just my view of polticians influencing my judgement?


It's Day 13, and guess what? Ring, ring. It was as I had thought - a trip north, a disappointment, a return, a new number, and now - aimless wanderings? I didn't know what to say - never know what to say. The question for me now is... is the same as it's always been.

I remember when I said to Oka, "I have a date tonight - sort of." Followed it with, "I expect this to last until Sunday... Monday tops." Famous last words, of a sort. How many last words have been spoken? And how many more?





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