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Monday, June 26, 2006

Formerly Rational and Sane

Hellboy and Spanish, our second-favorite on-again, off-again couple are OFF again. Wednesday he called me and asked if he could stay at our house. His car had broken down, so Spanish brought him to San Marcos to work - she had just moved into a new place that day so it was no problem for her to bring him. Only now, she was "acting like a bitch" and HB thought he might need and escape plan. I said sure. He didn't show up. But Thursday night was a different story. DxB picked him up from work and they went to buy beer. HB talked about Spanish for HOURS and drank and drank and drank. Mind you, he also bitched about how crappy his job was, how crappy his previous job at our work was, and how crappy his new side-occupation (legal assistant) was. All he did was complain that everyone was putting too many demands on him all the time. He was bitching a blue streak about the lawyer he's working for (Mr. September's friend - who hired him based on Mr. S.'s recommendation...). We tried to point out that maybe he should be a little greatful to this guy for giving him the job in the first place, but he was having none of that. So after a dozen (Really. A dozen.) beers and three hours, HB FINALLY went to bed. Next morning he woke at 6 am and raided my fridge, drinking 5 beers before going to work.

Out of pure kindness (or stupidity, don't know which) I told HB that I would drive him to the auto parts store and haul him back to his apartment so he could fix his car Friday after work. When I picked him up that evening to take him back to Austin, he was completely wasted - he had paid a coworker to buy him a six pack after lunch and sat there at work drinking all afternoon. I had to stop and get gas, and he went in and bought MORE beer! And as if it wasn't bad enough, he made a total ASS out of himself by yelling (in the parking lot which was full of people) that some girl in the store was a "cunt" and a "fucking whore". Good God... and it was only 5 pm.
So, we get the part, and I get him to Austin. I call Mr. September and BEG him to take HB off my hands. So, HB and I go over to Mr. September's place and immediately, HB starts berating Mr. S - he bitched more about the lawyer, he bitched because Mr. S wouldn't give him the phone number of some little 19 year old coke-head slut he wanted to hook up with that night. (Spanish had deleted her number from HB's phone...), the bitching just went on and on and on. Finally, he stumbled out the door (Oh, did I mention he'd been drinking this whole time?) He wouldn't let us take him home, and he wandered off in search of whatever... Mr. S was worried, but frankly I was relieved to be rid of him.

Saturday passed and I heard nothing from HB. Then on Sunday I get a call from him - I don't answer. He left a message asking if I could drive him to the auto parts store - AGAIN! (I was at home... 20 miles away...) Then I get a frantic series of calls from Mr. S. He asked if I had an extra key to HB's. What? (Get ready, this one is fun!) Here's what happened. After leaving Mr. S.'s house on Friday evening, HB went over to hang out with one of his crack-head friends. Not sure on the timeline, but somewhere in there, the hookers showed up. Again, not sure about the logistics, but by Sunday morning, the hookers ended up at HB's place, and had locked themselves in his apartment and wouldn't leave until he gave them some money. HB called Mr. S. and demanded that he both help him and to call me to come help him...

I told Mr. S. to tell HB to F-off, I wanted nothing to do with that situation. Then HB got pissed off at Mr. S. blaming him for everything - the crack head friend, the hookers, etc. And why was this all Mr. S.'s fault? Simply because five years or whatever ago, Mr. S. introduced HB to the guy who is now a crack head. Of course, at the time, this guy was just a regular joe - NOT a crack head...

All I can say is What. The. Fuck.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Breaking Point

Sometimes you don't update because nothing is going on.

Sometimes you don't update because you're lazy.

Sometimes you don't update because everything that's happening is so fucking STUPID that everyone will just think you're making shit up, or that you're a total fucking dumbass for putting up with it.

Fuck Off Asshole Situation #1:

RW had one-on-one conversations with each of us last week. He was ridiculously bipolar. I left more confused than I have ever been in my life. One minute he'd be telling me how I was fucking up too much (literally told me that), the next he was praising me. Said I needed to "socialize with the office staff more" to move my work into the office and get out of the lab and off the bench so much. Hello? I'm a fucking LAB TECHNICIAN, not a fucking gossipy secretary - I can't really haul the real time instrument in the office and do a bunch of cloning in there, can I? WTF???? He also told me I needed to "manage the personnel issues" in the lab. I told him there was no way I was getting involved in that unless he paid me an extra 20K a year. He said I had no choice. (Examples of how I "manage personnel issues" are included in later sections.)

Fuck Off Asshole Situation #2

Cakes has been hired by RW - as he said to me - to replace Trani. What in the mother fucking cocksucker did he tell ME that for? So my "management technique" for dealing with this was honesty, despite him telling me not to tell anyone. So, I told Cakes and Trani (although RW himself told Trani that...)

Fucking Potential Powder Keg From Hell With Added Estrogen Situation Number 1

Cakes doesn't get along with MaryAchee. MaryAchee doesn't get along with Cakes. Cakes is now "in charge" of MaryAchee's graduate research project. Cakes proclaimed that she was going to make sure that Mary was out of the lab by the end of the summer. Meanwhile, she told Mary that she would do everything possible to help her get her results out the way RW wanted.

Needlessly Dramatic Situation #2

Spanish told HB she "just wanted to be friends" but then she turned around and deleted all the female names and numbers from his cell phone while he was sleeping. He was really pissed and totally confused. He kept asking me why she did that, and I told him it was a simple case of possessiveness and control. She didn't want to be his girlfriend, but she didn't want him to have any OTHER girlfriends either. Simple. Childish and shitty, but simple. He absolutely could not understand though. He kept saying that he wanted to call some of those girls and "hook up" with them this weekend, but since the numbers were gone, blah, blah, blah. He kept insisting that MS give him this one chick's number, but he wouldn't because the girl is nothing but bad news. HB got even more pissed and called MS all kinds of ugly names. Nice way to treat a friend who's trying to look out for you.

Your Humble Author As Personnel Manager Situation #1

I hear both sides of the Cakes/Mary Scene. I manage it by telling the other what the other said. Again, simple - right? I have a feeling this may start WWIII. Or maybe the two will realize what I'm doing and both will friggin' stop talking to me about it!



Saturday, June 03, 2006

Where have all the weirdos gone?

Remember "TALES FROM THE GROCERY CART"?? I don't know what happened, but my trips to the store have been freak-free for MONTHS! I'm totally pissed about it, too. It sucks.

The only thing I've seen of late was a couple putting their groceries away in their beat-up old Chevy - total white trash. Anyway, he had one of those cheesy-assed thin mustaches and she was wearing some half-see-through white skirt and top with (of course) boots. Damn, for a minute there I thought it was Britney and K-Fed! So, Bubba opened the trunk and I guess DarlaLouAnn there had put some crap in the trunk. . . Bubba says,

"Woman! I done told you about leavin' this shit in here!"

Classic. Yet, not very Freak-Show. Sigh. . .



Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Beautiful People

"Yeah, all my friends are fucked up. No offense." - TVS

Some observations - purely my personal opinions.

1. You're obsessed with making the big bucks, but at the same time want nothing but leisure. You are a hard worker when you put your mind to it, but when you don't want to do anything, you do absolutely nothing - and you don't care about the consequences. Part of you wants to be responsible, but the other part wants to be a free spirit flitting about. I think it's the influence of some of your more questionable friends, and you are very prone to being influenced by others - for better or for worse.

2. You are in a rut. But it's not really a rut, and I think you will see that soon. Life is like a standing wave - I think you are just experiencing one of the nodes right now.

You're a fun and vibrant individual, and I hate to think that inside you are not as happy as you deserve to be.

3. It's time to grow up. Time to be responsible, time to stop blaming all your problems on everyone else. Time to start acting your age. You are a great person, but you've got a lot of baggage. It's time now to deal with all your issues and start life, because half of it has passed you by already. Don't waste the rest of it.

4. You're like an Everlasting Gobstopper - there's a sugary core at your center, but the outside is just layer after layer of stubborn protective shells. Some of those outermost shells are very bitter and hard to swallow. Others offer a glimpse of the goodness that lies within. Trouble is, some people can't get through the bitter part and never experience the sweet. I think you can change your flavors - you can do it - it won't hurt - and you won't get hurt in the process.

5. You're a family person. You love your family and will do whatever you can for them. That's admirable. But what you need to realize is that now, your family has changed. It's no longer you and your parents and your siblings. It's you and your spouse and your child. They need to come first.

6. I wonder if you are truly happy or if you are just hiding your true feelings from your friends and yourself. I really can't tell. I hope you know the truth.

7. Where has your self-esteem gone? The whole reason you are in this mess is because you feel bad about yourself. It wasn't always like this. Sure, there were moments - but overall - things were okay. Maybe certain events started whittling away at you, and now you're where you're at. What can you do to change it? Do you want to keep being taken advantage of? Do you think you deserve that? Because you don't. You've certainly learned a lot. Now can you make use of that knowledge and bring out a newly improved old you?

8. You are ignoring a ticking time bomb. You want a future full of happiness - and you deserve that. But, that future will be very short if you don't pay attention. Do you want to get all this just to leave it all behind too early?

9. You are too stubborn for your own good. You think you are always right, and curse anyone who dares correct you. This is a very bad character trait - it's really the only bad one you have. Sure, you've been burned a bit, and have good reason to act the way you do. But, you let it out at the wrong times. You hurt the ones who love you the most - and you don't even mean to. Soften the edges just a little and see how smoothly everything works. You are incredibly lucky. Don't let your hardness rob you of that.

10. I don't think you even see what's going on around you. More and more, it's abundantly clear that there is a problem, but you are so immersed in your own world that you cannot see it. Do you realize how much damage you are causing by acting the way you do? Your actions have far-reaching effects. It's not entirely your fault, but you are doing nothing but making the situation worse.

11. Your slide into self-pity is getting old. You made a mistake. Get over it and move on.

12. There seem to be two people inside of your head. One is a smart, independent, hard working, completely together person. The other is a scared little animal with no self confidence who is just looking for easy street. I think you are trying to find a happy medium between the two, but I'm worried that in the long run you are going to take the easy way out. That would be such a waste, and I think that you'll end up being unhappy if you do so.

13. Don't you think you've spread yourself too thin? How many people can you help at one time? You've let your guard down and your being taken advantage of now as well. Some need you more than others. You need to cut some ties and make room for what's most important.

14. You need to make a stand. What are you afraid of? You speak of always giving in - it bothers you, but you do nothing to change it. Instead, you just get angry at the situation and lash out. Don't you see that that behavior is much worse in the long run than just standing your ground?

15. You like drama. You purposely put yourself into dramatic situations when you could just as easily walk away. Sometimes it's fun -sometimes you get hurt. Doesn't it get tiring?

I love you all,